Roman Coin Ngc

Composition > Bronze

  • Mark Antony & Octavian, Ngc Graded. Macedonia, 37 B. C, 29mm, Ancient Roman Coin
  • Ngc Ancient Roman Coin Ae As Of Caligula(37-41)/pegasus Reverseraref+bonus
  • Roman Empire Rulers 24 Bronze Coins Ngc Certified-vf Or Better, 253 423 Ad
  • Ngc Choice Ch Au Maximian Ancient Roman Bronze Bi Nummis Coin 286-310 Ad
  • Octavia, Wife Of Nero. Thrace, 54 Ad. Authentic Roman Coin Certified Ngc Choice Xf
  • Rare Roman Empire Quadrans Coin Under Emp. Augustus 4 Bc, Ngc Choice Xf 5/5 4/5